by James Herman 2014 printed and published by Nestucca Spit Press

180 pages, photographs, text, and drawings. $20 plus $4 shipping
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When was the last time you built a driftwood fort on an ocean beach? Don’t you miss that special feeling? Why not build one with friends and family? The dog can help too. Why not continue a unique Oregon tradition that never costs a cent because this is Oregon? Don’t know how or lost the skills? Let this book teach and inspire you. Now go build a fort and fortify your life!
This book is a complete spiritual, historical and how-to guide, showcasing the phenomenon of driftwood fort building. 180 pages packed with 106 photographs, 68 illustrations and 6 hand-drawn maps, an introduction and epilogue by Matt Love and more!

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Limited to one hundred copies. $40 Buy Special Edition Here
The special edition comes with a driftwood bookmark, free admission into the Driftwood Forts Association, Forts buttons, color forts poster, and a unique fort drawing by James on the inside 1.jpg 2.jpg